covid-19 information

Last updated on July 7, 2021


Masks remain MANDATORY indoors, but are not required outdoors. 

Although masks are not mandatory outdoors, members and staff are welcome to wear one should they choose to.


All staff, members, and visitors will sanitize and/or wash their hands immediately upon entering the building.

Handwashing will be performed by Program Staff and members at least once an hour as per the Government of Canada’s recommendations.

Health Canada approved hand sanitizer will only be used when hands are not visibly dirty, and handwashing is not available.

health screening

All visitors will be asked a series of health screening questions before entering the building.

Parents/Guardians will be asked a series of health screening questions regarding the child(ren)’s health.

Staff are required to complete the health screening self-declaration form upon arriving for each shift.

ALL staff and members will take their temperature via their wrists before further entering the building.

physical distancing

Close greetings like hugs or handshakes will be avoided and physically distant greetings such as “air fives” and waves will be encouraged. Staff will encourage physical distancing among members.


We have invested in hospital-grade chemicals to ensure we are doing our very best to minimize the spread. 

Staff remain diligent at cleaning/sanitizing all high-touch surfaces (door handles, sink faucets, toys, countertops, phones, desks, etc.) on a regular basis. 


Where physical distancing is not possible, we have installed plexiglass barriers. 


Members will be isolated should they begin to display symptoms of COVID-19 while attending our programs. Parents/Guardians will be called and are expected to pick the ill member up as soon as possible. Our main floor and basement each have their own isolation teepee along with age appropriate activities for the member to do while waiting to be picked up. Once the member has been picked up, a complete sanitization will be done of the teepee using Microban and all surfaces will be sanitized using our cleaning products. 

If our staff and/or members have symptoms of COVID-19, even one, or even mild symptoms, they should stay home to avoid spreading illness to others. ALL staff and members must stay home if displaying ANY symptoms of COVID-19 that are new or unusual to them.