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Operating on Treaty 6 Territory, BGC Battlefords welcomes all children and youth between 5-14 years of age from the community and surrounding areas, including all financial circumstances, socio-ethnic backgrounds, and abilities. Our members are as diverse as the communities we serve…

BGC Battlefords provides a safe place to go, positive role models, and quality recreational and educational activities. From before and after school programs, to evening and weekend programs, all include nutrition and access to fun, enriching activities and caring adults who support our members in becoming healthy, responsible, compassionate, and competent individuals.

Opportunity changes Everything.


Our mission is to provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life.


Our vision is for all children and youth to discover and achieve their dreams, and grow up to be healthy, successful, and active participants in society.


We welcome everyone in a safe, accepting environment based on belonging and positive relationships.

We ensure that everyone – children, youth, families, volunteers, staff – is heard, valued and treated fairly.

Working Together
We work together with young people, families, volunteers, communities, and government.

Speaking Out
We speak out for children, youth, and families so that we can make our world better.

Encouragement & Support
We encourage and support every child and youth to play, learn, and grow to achieve their dreams.