SGI Canada Race for Kids was cancelled due to the world we find ourselves in and although we were incredibly sad, we were very excited to host Raise for Kids in it's place. When COVID-19 hit we knew our work couldn't stop. We had to adapt to the circumstances we were faced with. Within one week, we adapted our services and began our Pandemic Support Service to help meet the basic needs of our children, youth and families. We couldn't do this without the community's support, so for that we say THANK YOU! Although we aren't able to resume regular programs and services at this time, we aren't going anywhere. Which is why fundraising events, such as this one, are SO important to us.

Raise for Kids was a connection oriented event that took participants on a scavenger hunt around The Battlefords. Connection with your loved ones, connection with our community and most importantly, connection to our Club. Once registration had been completed, participants received visual clues to 10 different locations throughout The Battlefords. Each location included a fun fact and task that was to be completed and photographed. Pictures were then submitted to us to be entered in to the draws. If all 10 locations had been submitted and completed successfully, participants were entered in to the top 3 prizes as well as all 10 location draws.